Theft deterrement

Now, large projects on education, where inclusivity and non-discrimination are paramount priorities, are finally possible. Students are protected from abuses when carrying a device with a security lock that fully prevents any thief or fencer from profiting from a stolen device that is blocked and unusable

CUCo Firmware Security is a theft deterrement software because it nullifies the economic value of a locked device, making it uninteresting to transact on the black market

Vulnerability attack proof

This unique security technology has been verified and guaranteed against vulnerability attacks. Through the implementation of dozens of projects in more than 1.2 million devices


Device autonomous rules enforcement

CUCo’s internal rules engine has thresholds timer intervals and actions to take, independently of device network connectivity status. CUCo Firmware Security provides local, tamper-resistant, policy-based protection that works even if the operating system is reimaged or a new hard drive is installed