• Security
  • Tough
  • Security
  • Tough
  • Security
Attack Resistant
Trusted UEFI security model
Nondestructive pre-boot lock
Prevents operating system from booting when in lock status
Protection against rogue CUCo BIOS re-flash when CUCo in active status
Resilient assurance. Compatible with TPM and optionally uses TPM key generation for server communication
Firmware UEFI based
Full UEFI firmware run, software independent
Rules based on remote lock, independent of connectivity status
Self-compliance UEFI firmware checks, operating systems independent
Software agnostic, compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome, etc
Unlock recovery via web portal, phone or remote API call
Firmware detects software agent failures (self-healing) and notifies the user

BIOS and Firmware Compatibility


Endpoint Security

CUCo is an endpoint security solution that is factory-embedded into the firmware of the OEM devices. CUCo enables customers to control their entire endpoint population from a single window, even when devices are off the network.

Select an OEM to view supported device models

  • E10-S
  • SP111-33-C9LK
  • ProNote
  • Pro.B
  • GW1-W116
  • GW1-W148
  • GW1-W149
  • GW2-W143
  • GW2-W145
  • HN2-K14C
  • PR1-146C
  • PR1-M116
  • PR1-M146
  • PT1-1140C
  • SH1-N100
  • WH1-140P
  • WH2-K13C
  • WH2-K15C
  • WHA-14P2
  • YK1-140C
  • Leap T304
  • SF40IL6
  • SF20GM7
  • SF40CM

Device Lock Down Survives:


Operating System reinstallation


Hard disk replacement


ROM vulnerability attacks


BIOS re-flash

Complementary Features

Self-compliance check, rules based remote lock+
  • Device protection
  • Theft deterrence
  • Non-destructive pre-boot lock
  • Preventing operating system from booting
  • Customizable interface
  • Unlock recovery via web portal or phone
  • Server cloud based and optionally compatible with Microsoft Azure
  • Open API to integrate with third party device management platforms
  • Microsoft Intune MDM integration (under development)
  • Open-source MDM integration (under development)
  • Compatible and certified with most computer brands

CUCo Firmware Security also provides secure low level hardware information for MDM functions that is critical for managing large networks of heterogeneous devices and will also be the basis for CUCo Firmware MDM (details available under NDA)

Cloud Control Platform (backoffice)+
  • Computing technology management
  • Lock and unlock commands
  • Device localization check (optional)
  • Statistics

The server component to control the device, can be cloud shared or on-premises installed by the DaaS project owner, depending on the size of the project. Server side can be deployed in Microsoft Azure and optionally hooks into Microsoft Intune MDM functions (under development)